Sometimes Howard hits in right on the head. The cavalry isn’t coming over the hill. We must be the cavalry.

I just spent three hours (starting around 12:30am) writing a blog post. My first serious political one in about a year. I guess I’m a bit passionate about the state of the US legal system.

Wondering who to link to when talking about books? Amazon is probably the easiest method for people to purchase them. I used IndieBound in my last post as an effort to support independent stores. Good Reads provides other opinions. Thoughts?

Just started Broad Band—The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet. A few pages in, but enjoying it very much. :) 📚

Quoting @rosemaryorchard to not forget:

You can theoretically see every step as a milestone! 😂😇

Her original.

18 years of Schlock Mercenary! 🎉🎉🎉

For Micro Monday, I heartily recommend @liz. Her recent post about talking at NextDoor is really powerful.

Hard weekend and hard day, but I made it to the cafe for good coffee and granola.

Sadly, I broke my posting streak yesterday: I’ll get the Daily Pin yet though!

Disobedience I highly recommend it. Tense throughout, but there are no villains. Leilo presents a living, breathing community. And there’s an great sex scene that is both hot and romantic. 📽

Maybe I’ll set up El Cap in a VM just to run Safari 11 with Sessions? ☹️

Receiving a care package of poetry & dark chocolate –> When you know a friend truly loves you.

Gotta post that photo of the Drainage Ditch!!!!! @manton @danielpunkass 😃

Oh, @ZephyrTeachout, I’d be interested in supporting your campaign, but I can’t find any of your policy positions on your mobile website. Also, your campaign site doesn’t show up upon searching for your name. I love progressives, but maybe up your game?

An important update to my post on Pinboard and link blogging. @smokey let me know that future features here may reveal your feeds (and thus private key) to the public.

I’ve deleted the official iOS Facebook app and started using Friendly for the occasional foray. Still force quit it after every use, but it gives me hope that there will be less surreptitious tracking.

Anyone install the iOS 12 beta on an iPhone 6? If so, is the phone still useable? :)

Listened to ATP last night. Apparently the new Finder sidebar allows quick access to AppleScripts! Maybe they haven’t completely abandoned automation on the Mac. 😃

Donate to The Florence Project today.

via Tala Manassah

If you can find the right people, Twitter still can broaden your perspective and educate you. It’s just harder and harder to wade through the toxic bullshit to find the important stuff. (I learned about the 1917 St. Louis Race Riot just now).

It’s not Micro Monday, but @ayjay’s photos have been a joy today!